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Toro Engineering
& Construction Corp.

1120 N.W. 54th Street
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309
Ph: 954.785.2440
Fx: 954.785.8024

A Trusted Company

Quality workmanship…
Honest business practices…
Stringent safety standards…
Projects on schedule and within budget…
Professional, knowledgeable, experienced…

These are some of the reasons our clients keep coming back and are comfortable referring business to Toro. They also are primary concerns on all of Toro’s projects.

Our business was formed on delivering personalized and customized services with professionalism and efficiency, and these are the factors to which we attribute our success in a market that has witnessed explosive competition in the past four decades.

To ensure control, quality, and minimal change orders, we place three layers of management on every Toro project. However, if needed, project owners also have direct access to the president/owner, providing an additional measure of confidence that their project will be completed as promised.

Our stability and expertise are the basis of our reputation, and each new project we take on is an opportunity to strengthen the Toro name. We have worked hard to build our reputation; therefore, we are committed to ensuring our next new project maintains or enhances our standing in the industry, by satisfying our client completely.

“Our clients praise us for the quality of our finished product and the timely manner in which we produce it. We are also praised for our ability to focus on and find solutions to the difficulties that occasionally arise during the construction of a project.”


Tom Shaughnessy
President, Toro Engineering & Construction Corp.